Who we are:

SilverSun Technologies is a leading professional services firm devoted to ensuring our customers can tap into the fullest potential that technology has to offer.

We provide transformative technological solutions to the North American middle market. Our successful model has made us one of the largest Mid-Market ERP partners in the United States. Our deep partnerships with leading Fintech, middle market ERP publishers, and global software vendors are the fundamental building blocks of the SilverSun Ecosystem which has allowed us to thrive to this day. Our extensive knowledge of cloud technologies and cloud based software solutions enables our clients to operate their organizations from anywhere in the world without a hiccup. And our nationaly ranked managed service practice designs and manages our customers digital infrastructure while our cybersecurity practice ensures the safety of our

Through our principal operating subsidiary, SWK Technologies, Inc., SilverSun is a value-added reseller for a number of industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) publishers and software vendors. Due to our size and scale, we have built deep relationships with our partners, creating an ecosystem of products and solutions that provide our clients with the technology they require to thrive and prosper.

With over 5,000 clients, SilverSun Technologies’ client base spans the spectrum of industries from food and beverage to textiles and everything in-between. Our core vertical strengths are in the manufacturing, distribution, services, and consruction industries as well as industries with high compliance demands such as healthcare and financial services. Our highly diversified customer base and continued success in our critical verticals has been a major factor in Silversun’s success.


Our Business

We currently have three business divisions within our organization. We are:

  • A provider of curated and tightly integrated technology stacks composed of third party financial management and business operations softwares that enhance and automate our clients’ finance and accounting, manufacturing, human capital, and other business functions
  • A provider of proprietary cloud services leveraging strategically located data centers to provide state of the art Infrastructure-as-a-Service and hosting services that utilize our own internal technologies and public cloud offerings cybersecurity, application hosting, and business continuity
  • A provider of managed IT and cybersecurity services utilizing best in class technologies and software to ensure the continuity and security of our clients’ IT and network assets


Digital Transformation Journeys

For businesses, the idea of digital transformation sounds exciting but many don’t understand exaclty how or where to start this journey. Digital transformation has become a buzz word used to describe anything and everything involving technology usage. The key questions boil down to this for our clients, “How can I leverage the technology on the market to be more successful today, tomorrow, and in the future,” and “How do I ensure the end results hold up to the promise of digital transformation?”. As technologists ourseoves, we understand that our clients trust us to advise them on actionable solutions that help them meet their goals.

We help our clients harness digital transformation through the power of automation, safe and secured cloud computing, and building closer relationships with their stakeholders through our solutions. By working with our clients to better understand how to leverage cloud technologies, data, and digital systems & automation we are able to achieve their goals of transformative change from robotic warehouses to globally accessible, adaptable cloud infrastructure. For SilverSun Technologies, our greatest strength is our ability to realize the needs and goals of our with application of impactful technologies.


Our Key Advantages:

Award Winning Leadership
A diverse group of dynamic individuals comprise SilverSun's leadership team, bringing together 100+ years of combined experience in a broad range of disciplines. Under the guidance of the leadership team, the company has become not only one of the largest players in the industry, but one of the most admired, winning a number of awards in recognition of the leadership’s innovative approaches. Collectively, they deliver an unprecedented level of commitment and value to our clients and shareholders.

Proven Ability to Recruit, Manage, Retain, and Train World Class Personnel
We have a proven track record of recruiting, managing, retaining, and training skilled labor and our ability to do so represents an important advantage in an industry in which a shortage of skilled labor is often a key limitation for both clients and competitors alike. We recruit skilled labor from competitors and from among end users with proven experience using the various products we sell, whom we then hire and train as specialized consultants. Due to our size and scale, we are one of the few industry players able to train new talent in the products we offer to develop a deep roster of talent within our organization and maintain our unique organizational culture.

Combination of Hardware and Software Expertise
Many competitors have software solution expertise, while others have network/hardware expertise. We believe we are among the very few organizations with a demonstrated expertise in both software and hardware, affording us the opportunity to provide turnkey solutions for our customers without the need to bring in additional vendors on a project.

Technical Expertise and International Reach
Our geographical reach and vast technical capabilities afford our clients the ability to customize and tailor solutions to satisfy all of their business needs. Our clients are located in diverse locations from the sunny islands of the Caribbean to busy streets of New York City.

Building Trusted Business Relationships that Endure
Underpinning SilverSun's future growth is our commitment to a superior customer experience. Over the past five years, SilverSun has succeeded in retaining more than 90% of our software customers, reflecting our focus on nurturing longstanding, value-driven relationships with both our existing and new clients. By leveraging our industry experience and expertise and by investing the time and attention necessary to learn about each of our clients' businesses, their unique challenges and their growth opportunities, we are able to provide transformative business management technology solutions that effectively meet their needs and serve to earn us their loyalty and trust. We are proud to be considered as strategic advisors and technological partners by our clients and trusted with the mission of guiding them to success.

Reliable, Scalable, and Predictable Recurring Revenue
A key element of our growth strategy is increasing recurring revenue as a percentage the total revenue we generate. As subscription and cloud-based revenue becomes a greater share of our business, we will be able to finance sustainable exponential growth and greater profitability as we continue to scale our business.

Growth Through Acquisitions
Central to our growth strategy is the acquisition of application resellers, managed IT service providers, cloud hosting providers, and software publishers of unique and proprietary solutions in the extensive and expanding, but highly fragmented, business solutions marketplace. Inorganic expansion has been an important growth strategy for SilverSun, allowing us to rapidly offer new products and services, expand into new geographic markets and create new and exciting profit centers. We are especially interested in acquisition targets with innovative SaaS solutions that can provide even more value to our customers and add more stickiness to the SilverSun ecosystem. Our focus in the future will be solutions revolving around enhancing our cloud hosting and IaaS offerings, cybersecurity offerings, and business technology offerings. As we continue to move up the value chain of technological solutions and innovation, inorganic growth will remain a core pillar of expanding the SilverSun Technology ecosystem. To date, we have acquired and/or entered into collaborative agreements with SWK Technologies, Inc. (our principal operating subsidiary); Business Tech Solutions Group, Inc.; IncorTech; HighTower, Inc.; Point Solutions, LLC; Accounting Technology Resources; Wolen Katz Associates; AMP-BEST Consulting, Inc.; Micro-Point, Inc.; ESC Software; Productive Tech; Macabe Associates; Oates & Co.; Accupointe; Information Systems Management, Inc. (ISM); Partners in Technology, CT-Solution; Computer Management Solutions (CMS); Prairie Technology Solutions Group; and PeopleSense.

Our Unique Value Proposition
We have long understood that the key to enduring success lies in remaining focused on serving the best interests of our clients and their businesses and finding ways for them to accelerate their growth. All too often, industry change comes from the outside in, forcing business owners and managers to react by slipping into crisis management mode and adopting costly business management solutions that simply put out fires. What’s worse, far too many companies have to wrestle with business information that now comes in varieties and volumes never encountered before, creating complex bottlenecks in multiple mission-critical areas of their operations. The result: lost profits and lost opportunities.

SilverSun’s commitment to achieving market leadership is deeply rooted in our unique value proposition: we bring together what is arguably the best talent and industry expertise in the most advanced business management tools and processes; we can be counted on for unparalleled trust, innovation and accountability in our product and service offerings and implementations; and we can be looked to for providing practical and cost-effective IT solutions that address both the current and anticipated business management needs and challenges inherent in virtually any business environment, however unique or commonplace.